Where Can I Find a Facelift Surgeon Who Will Actually Address my Entire Face?

I have grown frustrated searching for a reasonably-priced facelift surgeon. I'm constantly getting answers like, "the price of a general facelift is $10,000, but that doesn't include eyelifts, browlifts, facial liposuction or a chin lift. Can someone please tell me what I would be paying for? It's a sad day in America when the average person is priced out of having surgery here; especially when money spent here would help our economy. Sadly, I, too, may be forced to have my surgery abroad.

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Deciding on a Facelift Surgeon for Entire Face

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I understand your frustration. Many people share your opinion and end up making poor choices such as going to high volume cheap surgeons or going abroad with no understanding about who is performing their surgery. Practicing in the U.S and in particular metropolitan areas like New York City is fairly expensive for doctors. Costs such as malpractice insurance and the cost of operating rooms including anesthesia, nursing etc. make it difficult to do all the things you want within your budget. I encourage you to meet with qualified surgeons with extensive experience and find the right one for you. Once you're comfortable, you can see what the doctor can afford to offer you that's within your budget. In my practice, we save people money by having our own facilities where I have better conrol over cost compared to hospitals or surgicenters. I would discourage you to make a choice for your face based on price alone. Enough misadventures occur in the best hands and the best circumstances in the U.S. Going outside in my opinion leaves you considerably more exposed and at risk. I've attached an informative video and link to an article "Deciding Factors for Choosing Your Cosmetic Surgeon" of any specialty.

Choosing a facelift surgeon

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I am sorry you are having trouble finding a facelift surgeon.

I would caution you, though, to try and look at WHO is going to be doing your surgery - that is, by far, the most important factor to consider.  Surgery is not something that I would recommend shopping for based on price alone - although it is an important factor to consider. 

If you do "have" to go abroad, my only advice is to be careful in where you select to have your surgery done and who you choose to do it.  Living in a border state, I see no shortage of patients who have been done irreparable harm travelling out of the country for cosmetic surgery, and end up paying far more to try and fix problems that could have been avoided in the first place.

Hope this helps,

Dr. Hall

Pricing a full facelift

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It is assuredly more expensive for us, as board certified plastic surgeons, to do business in the NYC area than anyone practicing overseas. Typically, facelifts and blephs are separate procedures and no two facelifts are the same. They are individually priced. The facilities and anesthesiologists must be paid, too and the plastic surgeon does not set those prices. These costs will be high for a complete facial makeover as you describe. And yes, many family physicians in the US are now priced out of practicing medicine by high costs. Medical tourism has its own set of risks and complications. If you choose to go overseas to have more surgery for less money, remember that it may cost you a lot more than you expect if there are complications or revisions necessary.

Face and Neck Lift with Upper and Lower Eyelids

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   You may be able to find someone to perform face and neck Lift with upper and lower eyelid surgery for $10000.   Find the plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of facelifts each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Facelifts and Other Facial Procedures.

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Without photos it is a bit more difficult to see exactly what YOUR needs are.  This is a key point.  Each patient is different and may need different things to go from point A to point B.  The procedures you are describing all do different things.  Browlifts lift the forehead and eyebrows.  Blepharoplasty addresses the extra tissue about the eyes.  Liposuction removes fat and can help contour the face.  A facelift, (actually should be called a lower face lift) addresses the jowls and jawline.  A neck lift addresses the neck.  Those are all operative procedures. 


The cost of doing those procedures depends on time spent in the OR, with the costs of the OR; Anesthesiologist, Techs, Nurses.  Next, add in the price of doing business; office staff, malpractice insurance, rent, etc.  That is why there may be large differences in price from one surgeon to another. 


There are less invasive procedures; botox, juvederm, sculptra.  Each of these has specific, approprate uses. 


The key to all of this is your surgeon.  Seek out a board certified, experienced surgeon.  Together you will review your goals and come up with a plan.  Please don't go on the cheap.  Cheap becomes very expensive when you have to revise an operation, or treat an infection or other problem.  Saving money is not worth your health or life.

What will a facelift address?

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There are many different ways to perform a facelift, and a consultation with qualified surgeon can help determine the best procedure for you based on your individual needs. There are two main options to consider when deciding to have a facelift:


1) Traditional facelift: a great option for a patient with more advanced signs of aging who wants to refresh their neck, jawline, and cheeks.
2) Mini facelift: A less invasive facelift that rejuvenates the lower third of the face, including the jowls and neck.
There are also a variety of additional procedures that can be used in conjunction with a facelift or mini facelift to achieve optimal results. These options include but are not limited to:

1) Liposuction of the jowl or neck
2) Fat transfer to the face
3) Cheek implants

Technique varies from surgeon to surgeon, and one can only tell what would be best for you following a thorough exam. A brow lift, liposuction of the neck/jowl, eyelid surgery, and chin implant are all considered additional procedures.  A facelift alone cannot address these areas.  A thorough in-person examination by a qualified surgeon will help determine the best procedure(s) for you based on your individual needs.  Many times surgeons will add a discount when doing multiple procedures. I would recommend seeking a few different opinions.  Once you are aware how any additional procedures may benefit you, it may be easier to make a decision on what procedures you would like to have. Thanks and I hope this helps!

Face lift for the entire face consider volume enhancement

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Because your aging is played in part, large part, by a volume loss, I would consider a volume enhancement of your face. This can be done without making your face fat but even smaller when done thoughfully.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Where Can I Find a Facelift Surgeon Who Will Actually Address my Entire Face?

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There are other options you can consider if your budget does not allow a full face lift.  In our practice we also offer Sculptra to volumize the face along with surgery.  Sculptra is also deemed the "Liquid Face Lift"

Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

What does a facelift do?

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The most important thing for you to communicate with your doctor and his/her staff is what you expect from your facelift.  The term "facelift" means something different to each person you may ask and it definitely means something very specific to a plastic surgeon.

Facelifts typically do not address the eyes or brow, but for most surgeons it does include the neck.  Other things are also separate, like fat grafting, laser resurfacing etc.

I know it can be frustrating trying to get a price quote sometimes because it is difficult for you to know exactly what you should be asking for.

The best source for finding qualified plastic surgeons in your area that specialize in facelifts is the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (surgery.org) which has a physician finder that will help you in your search.

To make things even more complicated, there are newer technologies for people that aren't quite ready for a full facelift which are very powerful.  I have started using laser undermining through the face and neck and then a powerful CO2 laser resurfacing of the face.  I call it "the next best thing to a facelift".  This procedure also does not address the eyes other than for skin tightening with the CO2 laser.

Entire face facelift

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First of all, I would advise you agains plastic surgery tourism.  I had my share of patients who had terrible complications getting their surgery done abroad, and they really regretted their decision to do so.  Of course, there is no absolute guarantee that getting your surgery in the US will be complication free; however, it is much easier to deal with any potential issues being in your own country, having your family support, etc.  

It sounds to me, that you have a lot of areas in your face you would want to address during surgery, but your budget is limited. Haven't we all faced the situation of wanting a lot while not being able to afford it... Looking for a cheapest deal is not an answer; after all, you usually get what you pay for. The cosmetic surgery is expensive because of numerous reasons (cost of doctor's time and expertise, facility and anesthesia cost, staff, follow up care, malpractice, etc) and there is not much you can do to change this.  So, I suggest, if your budget is limited, find a good and reasonably prized surgeon in your area and maybe limit your surgery to things that concern you the most.

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