Why Can't I Find Extensive Information Or Dr's Who Perform The Lip Suspension?

This is when the suture is inserted inside the nose, loops down through the muscle in the lip, ends back inside the nose; much like a U shape. This method seems to be reversible (unless of course you form scar tissue around the stitch) and I have a tendency to scar. I only want to reduce my upper lip from 15 mm to 13 or 12mm. I do understand this method can only do so much, usually 2-3 mm. But why is this not practiced more? When I Google lip suspension all I come up with is lip lift.

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Suture Upper Lip Suspension

You can't find much on it because it is an ill-advised procedure that causes distortion of the smile and the upper lip with movement or even at rest. If it was a highly successful lip lifting procedure it would be commonly done and well known. The lack of information on it speaks volume about how well it works. A conservative subnasal lip lift is a successful procedure that if done well leaves no visible scar when it heals and matures.

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Internal lip suture--where does the skin go?

Internal lip suture--where does the skin go? If you are shortening the lip skin has to be removed (lip lift) or brought into the floor of the nose. This does not work as well and that is why u cannot find surgeons using it.

Toby Mayer, MD
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