What is the Best Way to Find an Excellent Surgeon to Perform Rhinoplasty?

I would want to find someone who has an excellent track record. How much variance in price is involved? Does a higher cost mean a better surgeon? Thanks.

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Finding the right rhinoplasty surgeon for you

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Higher cost does not necessarily mean that one surgeon is better than the other. Look for a rhinoplasty surgeon who has preformed thousands of rhinoplasty surgeries in his or her career. It is a good idea to make sure their background is otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat doctor) and that they are board certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Chances are this surgeon will have performed many rhinoplasties. In addition to the rhinoplasty surgeon’s qualifications, it is also important to know who is performing your anesthesia. It is best to have a board certified physician anesthesiologist performing the anesthesia and that this type of surgery is done in a certified and licensed surgery center, such as Medicare certification.

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Rhinoplasty is often considered the most difficult procedure in cosmetic surgery

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It's important to do your homework in finding a good rhinoplasty surgeon. You want it done once and done right. Prices vary by surgeon and region. The best way is to see who does mostly rhinoplasty in their practice. Doctors board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery devote their entire practice to perfecting surgery on the face and rarely operate elsewhere on the body. Most are trained and board certified in ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) as well so that provides a thorough understanding of the nose functionally. A number of plastic surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery do quality noses as well but you should make sure that rhinoplasty comprises a large portion of their practice.

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Rhinoplasty Surgeon

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Thanks for the question.

There is no correlation between price and quality of surgeon. I recommend going to the American Society of Plastic Surgery or American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and finding a qualified rhinoplastic surgeon. Experience is very important with rhinoplasty surgery. Additionally, you will be well served to ask to see several before and after pictures in order to get a gestalt of the type of result you can expect. 

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Choosing the best rhinoplasty surgeon

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I would agree that it is very worthwhile to speak with and if possible meet previous patients of the surgeon. Experience counts in rhinoplasty. Reputation counts as well, and not just what the surgeon tells you about him or herself. Things don't always go according to plan, and you want to be in the hands of someone who can deal with unforseen issues. As a basis, I think it's important to have a committed surgeon who likes doing rhinoplasty. I would hope that the surgeon is board certified in at Plastic Surgery or Otolaryngology, preferably both. And maybe interview a few different surgeons. You will get a feeling about whom you can work with. Don't go to someone who you heard was great, but you feel uncomfortable with.


Hope that helps!

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Finding the right rhinoplasty surgeon

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There are a few nationally regarded rhinoplasty surgeons and if you want the best, you should go to one of them.  They are pricy but it is MUCH more expensive to try to revise a poorly done rhinoplasty.

How to pick a plastic surgeon.

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Tips on picking a Plastic Surgeon
Article by George J. Beraka, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

1) Is the surgeon a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery? Members usually do a lot of cosmetic surgery.

2) Did you sense a commitment to excellence in the office. Did the surgeon spend a lot of time with you? Someone who rushes through the consultation may rush through the surgery.

3) Were you treated as an individual? Did the surgeon present you with a surgical plan tailor made for you?

4) Plastic surgeons have to have a good eye and meticulous technique. Did the surgeon show you A LOT of before and after pictures, and did you love the results?

5) Talk to other doctors you know. Established plastic surgeons have a reputation in the community, good or bad.

6) Ask to speak to a patient who has had the procedure you want. You are looking for a surgeon who does a lot of what you want. Many patients are eager to share their experience. Privacy is preserved by having the patient call you.

7) If you are having breast augmentation, ask if the surgeon has a large inventory of different size and shape breast implants available in the operating room. A surgeon who does a lot of breast surgery will have an inventory. This way, the final implant choice does not have to be made in advance.

8) With office surgery, make sure the surgical facility is ACCREDITED. Very important safety assurance.

9) Make sure the anesthesia is given by a BOARD CERTIFIED ANESTHESIOLOGIST. Another very important safety factor.

10) Make sure the office has trained nurses available for hands-on post operative care. This can really speed recovery.

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Choosing the right rhinoplasty surgeon

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Rhinoplasty surgery is considered one of the most challenging cosmetic surgery procedures. For many surgeons, it is challenging to consistently achieve the desired cosmetic results and in many cases, it is also necessary to improve the functional aspects of the nasal airway (improving breathing through the nose). Despite a surgeon being a board certified plastic surgeon or facialplastic surgeon (ENT), many do not perform cosmetic rhinoplasty as part of their practices.

You should seek several consultations from board certified plastic surgeons or facial plastic surgeons (ENTs) to see what options are available for you. It can be very challenging to find the right surgeon for you, especially when considering rhinoplasty. Although the internet has a lot of useful information, there can also be a lot of misleading and confusing information. It is hard for patients to sort out quality work from marketing hype. That being said, it is very important that you do a lot of research-on the internet you need to look at multiple sources to find out who may be the appropriate surgeon for you.

Some of the things to consider are:
1. Is the surgeon board certified in plastic surgery or facial plastic surgery (ENT)
2. How much experience do they have (did they do additional training, how many rhinoplasties have they performed, do they perform rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty frequently)
3. Do they have admitting privileges in a hospital and do they have privileges to perform rhinoplasty in a hospital
4. Do they have any scientific publications (peer-reviewed journal articles, medical textbooks) describing their experience performing rhinoplasty
5. Do they teach rhinoplasty to other peer surgeons (do they have a University affiliation/Faculty position, are they invited to lecture for other plastic surgeons or facial plastic surgeons).

Once these questions have been answered, you will have a good idea of who is well qualified to perform your rhinoplasty.

Finally, the most important thing is that your goals are in line with your surgeon's goals-the patient and the surgeon need to see eye to eye.

With regards to cost, although it is important for most patients, try not to let it influence your decision too much. The reality is that most great rhinoplasty surgeons in the same geographic region are in the same price range. Compromising a result or risking a poor outcome after rhinoplasty is probably not worth the extra few thousand dollars. Remember revision rhinoplasty typically costs even more!!!

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Here is a brief article I wrote on "How to Choose your Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon" that would apply for someone seeking the Best Rhinoplasty surgeon.

             How to Choose your Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon

 Plastic and cosmetic surgery is the art of aesthetically enhancing the physical form. When properly performed, it can dramatically improve one’s appearance, restoring natural and youthful beauty.

 A skilled plastic and cosmetic surgeon can help you achieve the look you’ve always desired through a combination of sound aesthetic judgement and surgical expertise that takes years to cull. Quality plastic surgery is "invisible"-it helps you look younger and more attractive, without appearing obvious or artificial. However, aesthetic vision and surgical skill vary among surgeons-so be sure that you are in the hands of a surgeon that is aesthetically gifted, highly competent and extremely well experienced.

Follow these four simple-common sense steps when selecting your plastic and cosmetic surgeon.

#1. First and foremost, listen to the aesthetic judgement of the surgeon. Does it sound like something that would enhance your appearance? Proper beauty aesthetics are easy to comprehend when properly explained. If it sounds reasonable to you, then proceed to step two. If it doesn’t sound right to you…..get another opinion. There is simply no substitute for sound aesthetic judgement! You may wish to read my new book on this subject “What’s Your Number…the palmer code.”

#2. Ask yourself if the surgeon has the experience to do what he/she is suggesting. Don’t be afraid to ask the surgeon-"how many times have you performed this procedure?" Most important of all-be sure to see real before and after photographs of patients who have undergone the same procedure. Do not settle for computer simulations! The computer will not be altering your looks----the surgeon will! This is extremely important because, there is no substitute for experience! If you are satisfied, then proceed to step three-if you are not sure, then get another opinion!

#3. Once the first two steps have been met, you can factor in the price. Prior to this you’re not certain which procedure is right for you-therefore the price should be irrelevant. Step three is a point where you can be fairly comfortable with the level of surgical competence and overall satisfaction, so you may want to compare costs. Minor differences in costs may reflect such things as, how much of the finishing stitches does the surgeon do-or does the assistant complete this portion of the procedure. How well are the incisions hidden and how often will you have follow-up visits with the surgeon. There are reasons for price differences-be sure that you understand exactly what you are/are not getting! You may opt to pay the higher price for more personalized care! You can continue on to the fourth and final step.

#4. This is more of an intuitive step than the previous three. Here you may want to factor in variables like the board certification of the surgeon. Does he/she carry an impressive reputation in the community or carry a university teaching affiliation? How do you feel about the surgeon and the office staff? Follow your gut instincts-----they will serve you well!

©Dr. Francis R. Palmer voted "One of the World’s Best" Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons by Tatler Magazine.



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Finding an Excellent Surgeon for Rhinoplasty

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Although cost for surgery will vary depending in location and experience, the most expensive surgeon is not necessarily the best. Selecting a surgeon will be the most difficult part of your operation. Consult with different surgeons, look at their results, and be sure you agree with their aesthetic tastes,especially in noses like yours. Good Luck!

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Guidelines for choosing your Rhinoplasty Surgeon.

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You should choose your rhinoplasty surgeon carefully, as this is meticulous surgery that leaves no room for error. Before your consultation, you should check the following:

1) Board certification: abfprs.org will provide a list of local specialists.

2)Many favorable before and after photos on the internet. A favorable case that resembles your situation would be a plus.

3)See what other patients have to say about their experience.

If these 3 guidelines look favorable, then schedule a cosmetic consultation. You'll get to meet your doctor and staff and see if the doctor-patient relationship is favorable for you.

All the best from NJ.

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