How Do I Find the Right Doctor in Indiana for a Mini Face Lift?

I am looking for just the right docor in Indiana to perform a mini face lift

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Think: Not Where but What

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What are the important criteria to find a surgeon for your MiniLift? Understand your physicians credentials: there are hundreds of “named” cosmetic surgery academies and societies but only surgeons truly credentialed by American Board of Plastic Surgery or American Board of Otolaryngology/American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery are board certified to perform plastic surgery procedures. Just because your surgeon is board certified it does not guarantee a safe and successful outcome. However, board certification is the most basic and minimal criteria to start evaluating your surgeon. The rest depends on training, skill, experience, judgment, talent, and ethics, among other qualities. 

Other factors to consider: Confirm your surgeon is in good standing with your state medical board. Talk to patients, view before/after photos, and ensure you have good communication with your surgeon.

Best of Luck!

Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

Finding an experienced mini facelift surgeon

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Having a good mini face lift outcome requires a facial plastic specialist and a skilled surgeon. You also want to take into account whether you feel comfortable with the surgeon, as well as the doctor's experience and other qualifications. Always choose a board certified surgeon with experience in facial rejuvenation. Also be sure to check your surgeons face lift before and after pictures to get a feel for the results the doctor has previously produced for other patients.

The right doctor

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WEED OUT THE WANT TO BE PLASTIC SURGEONS. Meet with two and make a decision as to what are your options? your expected results/ cost/ and risks ? and need for revision surgery/ who is responsible for what cost?

Stay away from brand name procedures like lifestyle face lift, thread face lift. and ALL funny named procedures

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

How to find the right facelift surgeon

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Finding the right facelift surgeon is harder than it might sound. Start with online research, and, better yet, personal referrals from friends and your personal physician. Once you have arrived with 3-4 names of experienced surgeons, take the time (and spend the consult fees) to interview them. Confirm their fellowship training and specific board certification.

Then, really tell each surgeon what your specific cosmetic goals are, and really listen to what they recommend to make sure you are both on the same page. Look at as many "before and after" photos from each surgeon as you can to ensure their esthetic tastes match your ideas of what looks "good" and "natural". Confirm that facelifting is a core part of their practice, and that they experience every aspect of facelifting preparation, surgery, and recovery on a daily basis. 

After your 3-4 interviews (consults), you will hear significant amounts of overlap in recommendations, and significant points of differing opinions. You will also get a good feel for the surgeon's bedside manner.

With all of this information at hand, the correct choice will be obvious. While it sounds like a lot of work, this approach will allow you to feel VERY confident that you made the right choice, and the trust you will have in your surgeon will make his or her reassurances during the healing process that much more powerful.

Indiana facelift surgeons

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Use the website of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons to locate a board certified plastic surgeon in your area. Also ask your internist for a recommendation!

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You should have consultations with 2-4 well experienced Face Lift surgeons that perform minimum incision face Lifts AKA Mini Face Lifts.  Do some research to find them, pay for your consults because the best surgeons charge for their expert advice and will NOT try and sell you any procedure.  You'll know the right plastic and cosmetic surgeon when you see him/her....listen to that little voice inside your head and never use price as the deciding factor for which surgeon you choose.

A talented plastic and cosmetic surgeon has the training, experience and aesthetic judgment to tell you in simple, uncomplicate terms how he/she will make you look more attractive.  You'll know the truth when you hear it.

The right doctor for a miniface lift

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As others have mentioned, make sure the surgeon you see is Board Certified in a specialty that is trained in the full range of facelift procedures (a Plastic Surgeon or Facial Plastic Surgeon). You want someone who can give you a complete evaluation and make recommendations that are tailored to your specific needs. You can start with websites for the following professional societies: the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Then, ask people in your community, including your own doctor, if they have any recommendations. Finally, use caution with any of the "franchise" or "chain" facelift clinics that have recently started - the level of care may not be what you expect. Once you find 2 or 3 surgeons that you trust, make sure they can explain to you why a mini-facelift (as opposed to a full facelift) is right for you. Keep in mind that a mini-facelift typically gives mini-results and is not appropriate for all patients. Therefore, make sure to discuss your expectations with the surgeon.

The right doctor

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To choose the right doctor for a mini-facelift in your community you should make sure that they are board certified in plastic surgery or facial plastic surgery. This can be obtained from both national societies' websites.

Right Indiana Doctor

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One thing to remember that in the midwest, many general plastic surgeons spend most of their time on body plastic surgery (breast, lipo, tummy).  Look for a surgeon (facial plastic surgeon or general plastic surgeon) with extensive facelift (or mini facelift) experience.  Ask to speak to some of their patients.

Sreekant Cherukuri, MD
Munster Facial Plastic Surgeon

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