How to Find Doctor For Facial Rejuvenation, And What Questions Should I Ask Them?

I am just starting to look for plastic surgeon for facial rejuvenation. I know being board certified is very important. I want to find someone close to home. There seem to be four or five that advertise in my area. I'm not sure how to figure out who is best and what questions to ask.

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It is not always practical to see a surgeon's "live results."

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You consultation with a potential surgeon is extremely important.  It is not all "jabber."  Ask yourself, is this surgeon listening to my concerns or are they basically telling me how great they are?  If the surgeon does not listen you, how are they going to address your concerns?  Do you feel like the surgeon is talking down to you?  Are you made to feel that you are taking up the surgeon's precious time?  If the surgeon does not have time to spend with you before surgery, you can imagine what they will be like after surgery.

Beyond that, study their websites and practice materials.  This will be their best work.  If you do not like what you see, please do not expect your surgery to be any better.

Check with the Medical Board for your state.  Does your surgeon have any actions against them listed with their licensing board.  Doer your potential surgeon maintain hospital privileges and appropriate medical malpractice insurance for the surgery they are offering.  Does your surgeon possess additional training beyond their specialty residency for facial cosmetic surgery.  In the case of a general plastic surgeon, with would be an aesthetic surgery fellowship or a cosmetic surgery fellowship after completing a residency in general plastic surgery.  For a facial plastic surgeon, this would be a facial plastic surgery fellowship after completing a residency in otolaryngology.  

Finally, talk with your friends who have have been to some of these surgeons and see what they have to say.

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Facial Rejuvenation

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It's important to find someone who you feel comfortable with.  Equally important are his/her qualifications and expertise.  The best thing to do is meet with him/her in person and get his/her opinion on how to improve your appearance.  You will know who shares your artistic eye.

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How to choose a plastic surgeon for facial rejuvenation

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There are many criteria. I will list some of the objective criteria below but you want to find a plastic surgeon that makes you comfortable, is confident that they can deliver the results that you desire and has photos that demonstrate aesthetically pleasing prior results. You also want to find an office that treats you as a priority, with respect and attention to detail. There are the front line people that you will be dealing with and you want to make sure that everybody in the office treats you well.

In terms of objective information, seek a plastic surgeon with:

1. Board certification in Facial Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Oculoplastic Surgery - this indicates exceptional training

2. Hospital privileges - for someone who might operate mainly in their office, hospital privileges show that an outside institution has veted that surgeon and approved them for privileges.

Thank you for your question.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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Excellent results in LIVE patients is the best way to choose your surgeon.

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The results of a surgeon's work is where " the rubber meets the road".  The rest is all marketing jabber.  Select the surgeon whose live results you like and have seen in person. 

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