Where Can I Find a Doctor Who Does Dimple Surgery?

I live in NJ and Im willing to travel a reasonable distance but I can't find any doctors that do dimple creation surgery and Iv'e been looking for months. Also what is the average cost? Its a very quick and relativly simple procedure that supposedly takes like a half hour and can be done in the office using local anestesia but I heard it can cost above $3,000? That sounds really high. Thank you in advance for your time.

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Dimple Creation Surgery (Dimpleplasty)

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Dimple creation surgery (dimpleplasty) is a safe and effective surgical procedure for producing cheek dimples in individuals born without them. It can be performed under local anesthesia in the office with minimal discomfort and a relatively short recovery period. It's become an increasingly popular procedure in my practice. If you would like to learn more, I have quite a bit of information on the subject on my website.

My practice is in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I do have patients who have flown in from out of town, including Canada, to have this procedure done. If you lived locally, I would see you for a consultation first and then schedule the surgery on another date, but for our out-of-town patients this can all be done in a single visit. The consultation takes about an hour, in which I review your medical history, examine the inside and outside of your cheeks, take photographs, discuss the risks/benefits of surgery, and perform computer imaging, so that we can decide together on the location and shape of the dimples. 


Umang Mehta, MD

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