Where Can I Find Someone to Continue my Check Ups?

I recently had my braces in another country, moved and now need to find some one who can do my regular check ups. I dont have regular brakets, I have In-ovations. Is it possible to find some one who can continue where i left off?

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Find an orthodontist to continue treatment with Innovation brackets.

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Innovation brackets are very similar to conventional orthodontic brackets so finding an orthodontist to continue your treatment should not be a problem. i suggest you choose someone who's office you find convenient, and arrange for an appointment. If that orthodontist chooses not to continue your treatment with the Innovation brackets perhaps he or she can suggest someone in the area who can do so.Or, communicate with the orthodontist who started your treatment and ask for assistance in making the transfer of care.  It would be rare that it would be necessary to change bracket-type in the midst of treatment. Good luck!

Mercer Island Orthodontist

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