How Do I Find a Competent Orthodontist?

My family dentist charges for ortho consultation so I got 2nd and 3rd opinions first from drs about 100 miles from home. Both said daughter #1 was an excellent candidate for invisalign and neither daughter was in need of extensive work. My hometown dentist said pretty much the opposite and the cost is 1600 more for each child. I live in rural NE Colorado, will I receive better care in Denver or do I trust my family dentist? I didn't like the clinic vibe of 2nd & 3rd opinions.

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How to find a good orthodontist

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Although legally any dentist can do any type of treatment he/she feels capable of doing, it is always better to have a specialist do any type of complex treatment.  I have heard of many cases where the dentist misdiagnosed a tough case thinking it was easy but it she sounds fishy when the orthodontists agree that the case is easy and the dentist is making a big deal about how hard it is.  If you are still unsure get one more opinion from another orthodontist.

Saint Louis Orthodontist

How to find a competent orthodontist

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Hi. . .There are a few good resources to find good board- certified orthodontists. The American Board of Orthodontics has a website and can help you locate orthodontists who are board certified, which is the highest standard.

Alternatively, you can look on the website of the American Association of Orthodontists, and search for orthodontists in your area. These are orthodontists who have completed the specialty training in a certified residency program for orthodontists and who are considered specialists in orthodontics.

I would recommend seeing an orthodontist over your general family dentist for orthodontic treatment.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

Finding a Competent Orthodontist

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Finding an orthodontist you trust is like forming any relationship in your life. You have to do a little research, spend a little time with them, ask your friends, and trust your instincts. You referred to the doctor wanting to do the braces in your hometown as "my family dentist." For specialty work like orthodontics it is worth the drive to find a qualified orthodontist (a specialist). You wouldn't go to your family physician for eye surgery or for cancer. You'd seek out someone who has more training and experience and who deals with that every day. My recommendation is to go to the website of the American Association of Orthodontists ( and find two or three specialists closest to you. I would research them online (their websites, Google Places, and other online reviews). I would give them a call and explain your situation and see how you feel about their responses. Then I would visit their offices with your children. Unlike your dentist who you see once or twice a year, you'll be seeing the orthodontist about once a month. Make sure you feel comfortable there. This is too important to let the family dentist do it just because he's close.

Greg Jorgensen, DMD, MS
Albuquerque Orthodontist

How do I find an competent orthodontist?

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This will seem like an unusual answer coming from a general dentist who has done a lot of invisalign cases, but you need to go to the internet!  Look for two things...patient testimonials on the orthodontists websites and Yelp. You will want to start with a site called YELP.  Type in yelp and then type in orthodontists  Denver, Colorado.  I did this for you. I found Cody Dental Group and Metropolitan Orthodontists.  They have good reviews and offer extensive treatment in invisalign and orthodontics. Your own dentist is close by and these are further away, but for my children, I would choose a dentist, whether he be general or ortho, who has done a lot of invisalign cases.  Orthodontists and general dentisits, who have done  a greater volume and are elite providers of invisalign, pay out less for labs costs and  can afford to give you the service at a lesser price and pass on the savings to you.  So think about the distance you have to travel , experience and good reviews and weigh this against a dentist you know that is close by but saying the opposite regarding your daughter's invisalign treatment. How many canses has he done and what do his patients have to say about him?

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

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