Do Doctors Offer Payment Plans Independent of Financing Companies?

I am going to get a breast lift. IF I DID NOT qualify for any type of financing plan, would the office have their own payment plan? What would those monthly payments be (apporoximately)? Or would everything have to be paid up front? Of course I will discuss this with my surgeon but I am looking for a few answers now.

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Payment Plans Independent of Financing Companies

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You will find a few centers that will offer internal financing. However, many of these facilities are not as reputable as other practices. If you have saved a considerable portion of the fee, the surgeon may offer for you to pay the remainder over time. The norm is to pay the surgical fees prior to surgery.

Financing for Breast Lifting?

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Thank you for the question.

You will find that it is the rare office that does “in house financing”. I would suggest that you gradually save your money and do the breast lifting surgery when it is financially feasible (without compromising your financial security).

Best wishes.

The rule is to pay prior to elective surgery

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The problem is that a few past patients have abused the trust of paying after services have been delivered. This has resulted in doctors performing the surgery and the patients disappearing. It becomes very difficult to collect payment at that point. Therefore, patients are requested to pay in advance. So unfortunately, it will be very difficult to find someone you can pay after the procedure unless you can provide a guarantee that the practice will be compensated for their time and efforts.

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