Financing Plans for Body Lift and Breast Augmentation?

If I don't qualify for any type of financing plan, would the office have one? I am wanting to get a Body Lift and Breast Implants.

I have been wanting this for 9 years. And I need to know if I'm unable to get financing, the office will have financing plans of their own plans where I can make monthly payments with putting some downpayment?

I want to get this done for me, to make me feel better about my self and have the self confidence to get undressed in front of my husband.

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Plastic Surgery Financing

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For many patients, cosmetic surgery would not be possible without some type of financing. For this reason, the vast majority of plastic surgeons offer some type of financing program. With the availability of this type of program, plastic surgeons don't typically take installment payments. They usually require full payment before surgery is performed.

In our practice, we almost exclusively utilize Care Credit. This is currently the most commonly used source of plastic surgery financing in the United States. The company is run by GE Capital Financing. It's reputable and you can apply for a loan online. It takes approximately thirty minutes to get a response. In some cases, you may be able to get a twelve month interest free loan.

Financing is not for everyone, make sure you understand the fine print in your contract. Don't take on more than you can handle. At some point, you will have to repay the loan. It's important to have all your financing questions answered before proceeding with cosmetic surgery. In our office, we have financial consultants who can help you with this very important issue.


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It would be very uncommon for a plastic surgeon's practice to be able or willing to finance your procedure directly; this practice in most states would legally qualify your plastic surgeon into a creditor, which comes with many regulations and risks that few medical practices would want.  However, if you do not have the funds, a variety of traditional financing options are generally available, such as care credit, bank loans, cosignatory loans, credit cards, and personal loans from family or friends.  Discuss with your plastic surgeon.

Financing for surgey

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There are many companies that offer financing options to pay for surgery.  I doubt that your surgeon has one of hiw own.

Financing Options for Cosmetic Surgery

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Most plastic surgeon's offices have multiple financing options including but not limited to Care Credit and Chase.  If you do not qualify for a certain amount for a large combined procedure, perhaps doing a smaller procedure may help.  Or as my colleagues have stated, obtaining a co-signer/co-applicant to your financing may help. Talk to your plastic surgeon's office staff to explore your options.

Body Lift

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  The financing for a Body Lift ,  Breast Lift or other palstic surgeries is  offer  by out of the office  financial companies but in some cses we develop some payment plans for patients.   Than  You

Financing body lift and breast augmetnation

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We offer several finance companies to our patients.  With perfect credit you can obtain a 12 months interest free loan. if your credit history is not perfect there are companies which will offer financing. The interest rate charged varies according to your credit history and should be compared to what your interest rate charged for a credit card to see which is the better deal. You may consider asking a relative to be a co-signature which may lower the interst rate for the loan. We do offer an option to make pre-payments to save up for  your procedure which has been helpful to some of our patients.

I would recommend consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Best regards, Andrew Lyos, MD, FACS

Financing options for body lift and breast augmentation

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There are many options for healthcare financing especially for plastic and cosmetic procedures. My practice carries at least one plan and in general are very straight forward to apply for the procedures you have mentioned. I hope this helps.

Several financial options for Body Lift and Breast Augmentation

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In my practice, several companies are available for financing. It is not uncommon to have a family member sign as a co-applicant. There is no in house financing per say but we have allowed some patients to divide their payments before to allow them to get the surgery done.

Financing for body lift and breast augmentation in Atlanta

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We offer two outside loan companies. These companies are designed to deal with patients with less than perfect credit. However if needed co-applicants are allowed by most loan companies. Check with family members or friends to see if they would be willing to co-sign for your loan if needed. Not only do our loan companies help patients with less than perfect credit, they reward patients that do have perfect credit. With perfect credit we can offer 12 months interest free, as determined by the finance company.

Co-applicant for financing plastic surgery

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There are options for patients who do not initially qualify for financing. If you are not approved individually many companies will allow co-applicants to strengthen your application. These co-applicants can be family members, members of the household, or friends. Try a co-applicant it may make the difference.

Robert Vitolo, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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