How to Get Financial Help for a Breast Reduction I Am Young and Disabled?

I am having a very hard time getting any one to take me seriously. I am on SSI therefore I have medicaid insurance. I am 27 years old with 42 dd breasts. although they are heavy and uncomfortable the real problem is that I have had chronic infections underneath them . blood and puss filled blisters and yeast infections. I have tried doctor prescribed medications topical powders creams and bod wash but 4 ears later it has gotten worse and PAINFUL. medicaid doesnt think surgery is nessecary HELP

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Financial Help for Breast Reduction?

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I'm sorry to hear about the difficult situation you are in. It seems that options available to you include additional attempts at seeking Medicaid "coverage” for the breast reduction procedure. Sometimes, repeat consultations and applications (persistence) can prove to be effective.

Otherwise, you will need to gradually save and have the procedure done “fee for service”. You may find a university hospital setting in your area and potentially have the procedure done for less.

Based on your description, breast reduction surgery  may prove very beneficial to you; I would suggest continued persistence.

Best wishes.

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