I Have Fillings on my Two Front Teeth, and I Want to Get the Zoom Treatment Done. Can I?

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Whitening with fillings in front teeth

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Unfortunately fillings don't respond to whitening.  If your teeth get great results with whitening the fillings will stand out.   But all is not lost, since it’s just two fillings they can be replaced after the whitening is performed.   You may also want to have your dental office fabricate take home trays so you can perform touch ups at by yourself when necessary. 

Manhattan Dentist

A lot of people ZOOM despite having anterior fillings

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Zoom whitening will whiten your teeth, but will not whiten your fillings.  A lot of people choose to do ZOOM whitening even if they have fillings because they have been wanting a WHITER, BRIGHTER smile for a long time.  They don't usually let fillings on 2 teeth stop them.   After the teeth are whitened, then an individual can decide if the front teeth still look acceptable.  If the fillings now look too dark, they can simply be replaced to match the whiter smile.  

Kristen Berning, DDS
Dubuque Dentist

Zoom Whitening with existing fillings

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There is no problem with whitening your teeth if you have existing fillings.  If the fillings are darker than the teeth before you whiten, you may want to plan ahead of time to change the fillings after a few weeks to match the new color of the teeth.  Otherwise, go ahead and whiten, then evaluate to see if any additional treatment is needed to make sure the teeth and the fillings match.

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Yes you can get Zoom with anterior fillings.

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It all depends on the shade of both your fillings and your own teeth. Your own teeth will get whiter and your fillings wont. So if that will make them match better then move forward. If you own teeth get whiter than your fillings then you can have them re surfaced to match your newly whitened teeth.

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Can you get zoom whitening if you have bonded fillings

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Make sure your bonded fillings do not have gross decay. Then Zoom your teeth, and after wards after 3-5 days replace the fillings. Ask your dentist to make some touch up home care kits to maintain your whitened teeth.

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

Absolutely you can Zoom even with existing fillings.

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Absolutely you can Zoom even with existing fillings. Depending on the size and shade of your fillings they may need to be replaced, but who wants old, ugly fillings anyway.

James Powell, DDS
Lancaster Dentist

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