Can ArteFill or Sculptra be used to Fill in Irregularities in the Neck After Liposuction?

Can Artfill or Sculptra be used successfully in filling in indentations from over zealous liposuction in the neck region? And if so what are your thoughts about this technique? I am interested in more precision filling then permanent fat grafting that could produce irregularities. Any advice would help!

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I'd have to see you in order to answer your question specifically, but any number of fillers can be used to help with your problem.  Please make sure to see an experienced and qualified physician as this is considered an advanced use of fillers.

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Neck Options after Liposuction

Fillers in the neck can be used but are not FDA approved in that area but can be used by your surgeon if right for you.  Often irregularities after liposuction will even out on their own and sometimes more tightening is needed.  There are many options but really depends on your exam and if the irregularities are from fat or from the underlying muscle.  Good luck!

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Can correct areas with fillers

Yes, fillers can do well to correct irregularities. I used some radiesse last week in a patient that had fat transfers on face that did not take evenly. I could have also used sculptra, restylane of perlane to acheive this result. In the neck I might have used restylane or perlane as it is a bit softer. Sculptra can be used in certain areas and dilute accordingly. I would not choose artefill as would be afraid of it's staying put while the normal anatomy changes. However, I do not use Artefill so might not be best to voice opinion on this.

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Can filler be used to fix over agressive liposuction of the neck

Yes, fillers such as Restylane and perlane may be used to fill defects including those left by over agressive liposuction. Other materials including Sculptra may also be used. However, when used in the neck, should be diluted more than usual to minimize the incidence of lumps or bumps.  Many issues from liposuction will correct themselves over time but for those that do not, fillers can help

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