Do Fillers Work Well for Masking a Dorsal Hump or Will It Make the Nose Look Longer?

I have seen before and after pictures of fillers used to temporarily minimize the size of a dorsal hump. It seemed that sometimes the added filler above and below the hump made the nose look unnaturally long and begin slanting too high on the face. Is this a result of poor injection, or is that just what can result? I would prefer a surgical rhinoplasty and possibly chin reduction, but I am worried I wouldn't have the funds or time to allot for a full recovery until summer or in a few years.

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Non surgical rhinoplasty with fillers

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Your nose could be temporarily improved with fillers, but you need to see the right kind of practitioner.  A doctor who does not perform surgical rhinoplasties cannot possibly understand the structural dynamics of an aesthetic nose.  A plastic and reconstructive surgeon preferably with craniofacial experience has this advantage.  your hump can be improved by giving the base of your nose more support and your tip more definition.  This combined with a very subtle augmentation of your radix(above the hump) will give you a nice correction and allow you to put rhinoplasty off for about a year.  Be careful in who you select to perform this, a rhinoplasty with fillers is still a rhinoplasty so your practitioner should be competent to perform a rhinoplasty!


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Rian A. Maercks M.D.

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