Injectable Fillers for Jowls

can fillers be used to treat mild jowls

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Jowls and fillers

Certianly fillers like juvaderm or perlane can be sued to treat the jowls if theya re mild.  But sometimes doctors and patients "chase" the jowls and keep filling them when they really need a facelift.

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Getting rid of or hiding jowls is easy to do.

Jowls make a person look older than they want so getting rid of them by a simple little liposuction under local anesthesia with tiny microcanulas for $1500 or conceiling them by injection fillers around the jowls such as radiesse, juvederm or restylane ($550-650/syringe using 2-3 syringes) works well.  Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
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