Fillers Not Suitable on Thin Skin?

A comestic surgeon described my skin as "thin" and therefore unsuitable for treatment with fillers. Do you agree that thin skin cannot be treated with fillers? What would happen if I did go ahead and what fillers would you recommend? It is to help with the appearance of eyebags and cheek atrophy. I am 35.

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Injectable fillers are great for lower eyelid grooves.

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Dear Sun,

I read your concern. The lower eyelid skin is thin in everyone, and you'll need an injectable placed under the skin, not in the skin to correct the bags.. Ask your doctor what's his concern about injecting. If there is a concern about visible filler beneath the skin, then try to find another doc that can provide a more suitable filler for your skin. Some of the fillers may cause a bluish tint when lower eyelids are corrected.

There are lots of options for cheek atrophy, and this too would be an injestion deep to the skin. Try to find out what your docs concerns are. If you'd like to post / email me a full frontal facial picture, I'd be happy to give more specific advice.

Best regards.

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