Fillers or Surgery for This Underye Issue? (photo)

I'm a woman in my mid-twenties and have always "suffered" from this undereye issue that i've had. It's clear in photos and in person that I always have a bit of a tired appearance and the skin under my eyes is very saggy. It's not the best look for a working person! I'd say it started being noticeable when I was 11-12 yrs old so I know it's most likely my facial structure/heredity. Would fillers or surgery be a better solution for me? I've included a photo and both sides are about the same.

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Undereye Sagging

 It is difficult to tell from the photo but it appears to me that you have a "bulge" on your cheek, not a depression. This is called a festoon and represents a fluid accumulation. These are difficult to treat and a filler that is not paced correctly can actually cause more fluid accumulation superior to it . Festoons can be improved by re-suspending the eyelid and support structures to the bone lateral to your eye(s). You may not be find anybody willing to perform this surgery considering your age. At least a consideration is a make-up technique to minimize the appearance. You might also try TNS Recovery Complex which can offer some tightening for several hours after application.

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Please do not be confused, It is unethical to inject silicone oil as a filler.

Restylane is an excellent filler with a remarkable track record of safety.  This product would be very helpful for your concerns.  Find an experienced, ethical injector.

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Injectable Filler treatments may be considered for improving midface depressions.

I read your concerns and reviewed your photo:

You appear to have a midface depression just below your malar (cheek) fat pad. I have had variable success in my attempts to improve this with Silikon-1000, an off-label filler for permanent results. Most patients may see some improvement, but these grooves are difficult to completely eradicate.

Hope this helps.

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