Okay to Have Fillers to the Smile Lines 2 Days After a Cosmedix Jessner Peel?

I have emailed the doctor who will be performing the fillers and he said that it will be fine. But all the spas that I have contacted regarding peels have told me to wait 2weeks. Is it better to do the peel or fillers first?

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Why not wait a couple weeks for filler after your chemical peel?

Hi Caitlin,

Having the injectable filler placed should be safe after the peel.  However, why rush into it? Are you hoping to avoid further downtime by having the filler placed so closely after the peel?  As I'm sure you know, fillers are associated with very little downtime and I think that any potential risks of injecting after the peel would best be avoided by waiting for a few weeks.

Good luck!

Salt Lake City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Adding fillers after a Jessner's peel is ok

The Jessner's peel is a superficial peel with modest change to the upper epidermis.  It is an excellent procedure and although I agree that you should not rush into any procedure, there is certainly no harm in adding filler while your skin is peeling after you have been treated with Jessner's.  This superficial peeling does not put you at greater risk for adverse events such as bruising or scarring.  

Michael H. Swann, MD
Springfield Dermatologic Surgeon
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It should be okay but to be safe I would wait at least 1-2 weeks to do fillers after Jessner peel

It should be okay but to be safe I would wait at least 1-2 weeks to do fillers after Jessner peel. I think it takes about 4-7 days for a Jessner's to fully heal.  Most of the time it takes only a couple of days.  So generally, I like to wait for the healing to take affect before I do fillers. I usually like to do fillers before peels.  The reason is that with fillers the wrinkles becomes better effaced and this can allow the peel to get into the crevices of the wrinkle better and have a better result.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon
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