Are Fillers Safe? I Found This on a Prominent Surgeons Web Site.

Prominent surgeon states that a new set of problems has appeared for many of his patients with..He states many of these patients have devastating problems. Patients are presenting with such complications as chronic infection, pain, persistent redness and swelling, and even permanent skin damage. Many of these patients are not able to undergo corrective surgery because their skin is damaged so severely that surgical correction would risk severe deformity or skin necrosis/loss.

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Dermal Filler Safety

Dermal fillers, when injected by qualified and experienced injectors are safe and effective.  The line you quoted when typed into google seems to match a website of a facial plastic surgeon discussing fillers of the nose.  Injecting fillers in the nose is an off-label application.  Additionally, injecting fillers in the nose requires exceptional care and skill to avoid the complications which he discusses.  However, when injected in the right patients, the fillers are very safe and effective.  When using an HA filler, they are even reversible.  If you are considering filler treatment of your nose or anywhere else, I would suggest that you arrange a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options.


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