Are fillers as safe as botox?

Are fillers as safe as botox? If they're injected wrongly into an artery near the eye this can lead to vision loss and brain damage? This doesn't sound safe and then the surgeon or expert who did this denies it? Dissapointed i wanted fillers

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Filler Safety

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Hi, and thanks for your question. I think it's important to remember that both BOTOX® Cosmetic and fillers used by qualified, board-certified specialists have been approved for use by the FDA because they are very safe when used properly. The best way to minimize risk is to make sure your provider is certified and trained to perform the procedures you want.

Safety of fillers and botox

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Both fillers and botox have shown themselves to be very safe after many years of use around the globe. They have different uses, with botox treating more the upper face for dynamic or movement wrinkles, while fillers benefitting more the lower face such as cheek bones, nasolabial or laugh lines, and marionette lines. The main thing determining safety is really the experience and training of your physician injector, so make sure only an expert physician such as a dermatologist is injecting you.

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon

Fillers and Safety

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In general, fillers and Botox are extremely safe procedures and performed on thousands of patients daily for cosmetic indications.  The most important consideration is choosing a board certified Dermatologist with a lot of experience in cosmetics for the best results.

Safety of filler injections

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Unfortunately, there is no medical or surgical procedure without any risk. The risk of vision loss from filler injections is very low but not zero. There are a handful of cases of vision loss from under eye filler injections reported in the worldwide medical literature after millions of injections. Each person needs to decide whether the potential benefits of the procedure justifies this level of risk. Make sure to seek a doctor who is very experienced with injections in the under eye area.

Filler safety

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Thank you for your question.  This is a very general question so it is difficult to fully answer.  First off, there are a lot of different fillers on the market.  Some are hyaluronic acid based with is something already occurring in your skin.  Others are synthetic and can be thicker.  Some fillers are thicker then others and therefore last longer then others.  There is a risk of vision loss or skin death due to a filler getting into an artery so it is very important that you go to an experienced injector.  Also for your first filler I would recommend a hyaluronic acid based filler because if there is a problem (or you do not like it) you can use a reversing agent.  Nonetheless fillers can be injected very safely if performed in the right hands.  Good luck to you

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