Can I Use Fillers to Make my Lips More Symmetric?

I have naturally full lips and I overall like them.But,the right side of both my uper and lower lip is fuller than the left side.So my question is - can I add fillers to just the left side? Can it look natural? I do not wish to augment the right side because I find it to be full enough as it is.

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Fillers for assymmetry of the lips

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Assymmetry of the lips is more common than most people realize.  It is often related to mannerisms or nerve innervation to the lip, resulting in less muscle volume on one side.  It is possible to somewhat compensate for different volumes, but not always possible to completely correct the difference.  Maintaining the natural anatomy and contours of the lip, and not overcorrecting, is essential for a nice cosmetic outcome.

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