Are Certain Fillers Injected Deeper Than Others?

I have had a bad experience with a nerve being hit during an injection, so I was wondering if there are more superficial fillers that lessen the chance of hitting a nerve or facial artery? Thanks!

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Injectable Fillers, Depth and Nerve Injury

Every filler has an ideal depth for injection. Most of these are relatively superficial, but some (such as Radiesse and Sculptra) are designed to be injected at a deeper level. The depth is based upon the desired effect and the individual nature of the product.

Nerve injury, although not impossible, is uncommon even with deeper level fillers. Any needle placed into the soft tissues of the face does risk injury to the nerves or blood vessels - as they are quite numerous.
If you are looking for alternative "fillers," look to one of the most common fillers used today - hyaluronic acid (Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane). Not only are these placed superficially, they can be dissolved within hours with the injection of a chemical called hyaluronic acid. This allows for immediate correction if the filler is not to your liking, and the superficial placement makes any nerve injury very uncommon. Finally, choose an experienced physician who performs filer injections on a regular basis.
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