Can Fillers Be Used to Improve Areola Shape and Appearance?

I have stretch marks on my breasts as a result of a pregnancy 30 years ago. I have since had a Breast Augmentation using saline implants 20 years ago, and more recently, a Breast Lift with augmentation using silicone implants (2 years ago).

This did not solve the problems with my areola. In addition to being distorted by stretch marks on the skin surrounding the areolae, they are unusually small. My question is: can fillers such as Sculptra or Juvederm or even Fat injections be use in the areola to improve their appearence? I am extremely self concious about this.

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A new hope for stretch marks

I have been having very good success with treating stretch marks especially older white stretch marks with DeepFX, it is new CO2 fractionated laser technology. My patients are experiencing significant improvement after trying and not achieving any results with several other treatment modalities.

Austin Dermatologist
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Stretch marks on the breasts

It is impossible today with the technology we have available to remove or improve stretch marks without cutting them out. Certainly this would not be recommended in your case.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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