Tried Multiple Fillers, But They Dissolve Extra-Quickly, What Else Can I Try?

Ive been having fillers for the last 4 years. I started off with perlane, I had 1 ml to see hardly any results, so i went back again, better, not my aim though. After only a few months it broke down. Again and again I tried many different ones, juvederm, juverderm 4, plain restylane, as well as a few others cant remmeber the name. The best thing I got with a filler was the cinderella lip line. I have naturally a very small top lip. Apparantly I have a high metabolism?!! What can I do?

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Fillers for lips

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It is highly unusual for someone to have filler palced and the filler disappear so quickly.  Perlane should last 6-9 months.

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