Can You Get Fillers for Your Vaginal Lips As I Am in my Mid Forties and They Are Losing Their Plumpness and Becoming Wrinkly?

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Fat grafting vs removing excess skin or both

Consider fat grafting. It is a great technique to rejuvenate the genital area and can be done either under local or general anesthesia.  There is minimal pain following and the results are excellent.  It is also possible to remove some the of excess skin.  The scar would be hidden in the crease within the cleft between the labia majora and labia minora.  Either of these options are possible but remember that the size of your labia minora would also play a role in determining which option provides a more aesthetically appropriate outcome.

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Fillers for Vaginal Lips that are Losing Their Plumpness and Becoming Wrinkly

Loss of volume in the outer vaginal lips (labia majora) is a common issue in women as they age especially as they reach menopause.  There are several options for regaining the volume to the labia majora.  Fillers like Juvederm Ultra Plus or Perlane may give 9 months - 1 year of correction.  Sculptra is a collagen stimulating agent that usually requires a series of 3 injections over several months, but can last for several years.  Fat injections or fat grafting involves liposuctioning some of your own fat and then purifying it and reinjecting it into the deflated labia majora.  This can give a very long lasting result if the fat grafts "take" (remain living).  The major drawback of the fat injections is that it is a surgery, requiring anesthesia, etc.

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Can You Get Fillers for Your Vaginal Lips As I Am in my Mid Forties and They Are Losing Their Plumpness and Becoming Wrinkly?

Yes, of course you can get fillers in the vulvo-vaginal folds.  My first choices for the outer lips (labia majora) are Sculptra or fat grafting.  Scuptra may need to be repeated twice or even three times depending on how much augmentation/filling you desire.  Fat grafting not a sure bet;  It usually works, but engraftment not guaranteed, and if you are very thin, donor site may be hard to choose.  If it is the inner lips (nymphae, or labia minora), hyaluronan (Restylane, Juvederm, etc.) my first choice because these structures are much more delicate.  You don't want to start with something that may be permanent.  If you like the result from gel (hyaluronan), can re-do with something more permanent the second time.

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Fillers for vaginal lips

Fat can easily be injected into the labia majora but about half of the fat will go away in a year. Therefore, the fat injections may need to be repeated.  Often, stretched out labia majora can be improved by excising some of the extra skin to make it more youthful. I published this technique in the plastic surgery journal "Aesthetic Plastic Surgery".  Injecting large amounts of fat can cause the labia majora to be large and bulging, which can make the woman self-conscious in tight clothes.  Reducing the skin and adding some fat can be done so that the best of both procedures can be done.  Injection of other fillers is much more expensive and does not last, since a large amount of expensive filler is needed. 



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Can You Get Fillers for Your Vaginal Lips?

Yes, you can...but that may not be enough to accomplish your overall goals.  Fillers (there are many kinds including hyaluronic acid such as Restylane and Juvederm, Radiesse, fat, etc) last for varying amount of time; sometimes a few months, sometimes longer.  For significant amounts of "wrinkly" skin you may need to consider a surgical reduction along with some filler for maximum effect.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

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Vaginal lip fillers options

Fat, restylane, juvederm are all options with various longevity - fat definitely being the most permanent and the most natural filler.  Depending upon whether you are speaking of your inner or outer lips, the treatment may change somewhat.  Usually for the outer lips, just like a good modern day face-lift, I typically remove some loose skin (nip and tuck style) along with some filling with the patient's own fat.  Glad to help... 

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Vaginal Lips Are Losing Their Plumpness and Becoming Wrinkly?

Thanks for the question. Yes this is true to all women and its one of the signs of aging. There is a loss of volume in these parts of body and it require volume replacement either by fillers that last shorter durations 6 months or longer lasting fillers like Sculptra or Fat grafting. Labia Minora ( inner lip ) being very fragile and soft and is in direct contact with friction during sex is better not treated something more firm like Redieese ( Calcium Hydroxy pepitate )or sculptra but if need be done with fat grafting. A small trauma to the outer surface of inner lip can cause infection to the filler with a bigger problem. Wish you good luck.

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Fat Grafting For Labial Augmentation

Fat grafting is a very effective filler for labial augmenation.  It works fairly well in the labia majora because there is good vascularity and space for the fat. There is significant swelling postop but not a lot of discomfort.  The fat that survives is permanent and the results are immediate.  If additional augmentation is desired, it can be safely repeated.  There is usually enough fat available in other areas to yield a good result.  Alll the best.

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Labial puffing

This procedure has been dubbed by someone as labial puffing. Although fillers are ok, they are expensive and temporary. Fat injections have been a better alternative

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Can You Get Fillers for Your Vaginal Lips As I Am in my Mid Forties and They Are Losing Their Plumpness and Becoming Wrinkly?

    Fillers and fat grafting could both be considered to improve plumpness of the labia.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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