Fillers Are Too Expensive Don't You Think? Killing Wallets During Hard Times?

The fillers used today only last 6-12 months. Fillers discourage volumizing the face because of the cost. You could spend 3k+ on fillers in one year, repeat that every year and you are spending $$$. There is no way this liquid is worth $800+. People in their 20's shouldn't risk surgery. Fillers are the only option. If prices were more reasonable more clients could afford it. Fillers destroy the younger demographic (20's-40's) for long term expenses. Do you think doctors should reassess costs?

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Fillers in a recession

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Contrary to what you think, many of our patients who have real indications for fillers and who might later consider something surgical find that filler injections will tide them over for a while.  They save and have surgery later.  But, they may still need fillers for creases and depressions that laser surgery, facelift surgery, eye or brow surgery cannot correct.

Fillers serve a limited purpose.  They do not replace facelift, eye lid for forehad surgery.  That is not their real purpose. Unfortunately, the manufacturers and so called beauty experts and publications often paint a picture that implies they can do more than they actually do.   

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