Would Fillers in Only One Cheek Appear Uneven?

I have a fine line on my right cheek, it's more apparent in over head lighting. I'm completely happy with the left cheek. Is it possible to have filler in one cheek only, or could I end up looking uneven? This cheek is also creapy. Thanks

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Filler on one side of the face

There are many different fillers available to us today that are used to address problems ranging from fine lines to restoring facial volume.  The types of fillers used to address  fine lines are injected directly into the skin to fill the wrinkle and nothing else needs to be done. This will not make you appear lopsided.  I should add that the fine line may be just one sign of changes that have occurred in your face. An experienced practitioner may likely suggest doing more to return the youthful vitality to your face. 

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