Can fillers and botox cause buldging veins under the eye area and at the temple of my head?

ive had my botox toped up on my for head and just under my eye . then the same time got filler in my cheeks . the apple bit was lovely but it seemed to much on my cheek bone as i have high cheek bones. it looked pillow like and was really bruiesd . after the went down i was left with a bulging vein at the side of my head at the top of my cheek bone . ive been and had some filler removed and waited three weeks but ite vein are still buldging . she says its stress.

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Botox WON'T cause bulging veins but fillers can... temporarily. Find a board-certified plastic surgeon!

Thank you for your question. I have a busy practice of #Botox and fillers in downtown #Toronto. I use both restylane and juvederm products every day. Botox won't affect the veins with the exception of a <1% chance of little bruising for a few days. Gentle injections and the use of ice should avoid bruising. Fillers close to lower lids and temples can temporarily cause bulging of the veins. Well done, those injections are very powerful in rejuvenating the peri-orbital regions. Precise deep injections should minimize the issue of bulging veins. Finding a board-certified #plasticsurgeon will also minimize this issues as we are trained for 5 years in facial anatomy. Hope this helps! Best, Dr. Marc DuPere, #TorontoPlasticsurgeon, Toronto

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