Fillers After Fraxel

9 months out from 3 aggressive Fraxel restores. I had an adverse reaction although I am very healthy with no autoimmune disorders and heal well. I followed up with two derms (one is out of my state) that do Fraxel. The local derm told me to "do nothing until Spring" - not even Retin A as my skin needed to heal. I recently saw her again for Botox, filler and a possible Vbeam. This time, she told me my skin was traumatized and needed until the Fall to heal. Do fillers prohibit healing?

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Fillers after Fraxel

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Without seeing your photos, it's hard to tell what you need.  But, fillers do not interfere with the healing of skin that has been treated with Fraxel.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Healing time after fraxel and fillers

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Every patient is different and the consequences after laser therapy are different.  You should not differ from your physician's recommendation but you can ask him or her about your concerns. Fillers will not detract from healing.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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