What filler it is? Received cheek fillers 8 month ago.

I got an filler in my cheeks 8 month ago, i was told at first it was HA but the doctor told me then that it will last for 4 years (!) . I was so worry that it isnt HA but silicone that i came back and then I was told It was Radiesse and it will last for 1.5 year . I'm not sure what I got anymore , I fill in one cheek that the filler is deep in the dermis and in the other side an liquid like water lump , the doctor pushed the filler hard after I got it. What filler is it ?Thanks Tiran, Israel

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Filler lasting longer than 8 months

If your filler is still present after 4 years, then it is likely a permanent product. Best to ask your doctor.

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