Does filler make you look worse?

Hi I got radiesse on the cheek bones.. but I feel like my bone is now too high up. And because of the increased volume, there is a valley right under the cheek bones. It actually makes me look older. I got it done 8 months ago, and just went to see the doctor about it today. The doctor tried to say it's not because of the filler, etc. Could that happen? And how should I fix it? Thank you everyone !

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Does filler make you look worse?

Usually the results from Radiesse last 12-18 months, it would be helpfull posting any before and after photos to evaluate the area 

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Radiesse for the cheeks

Dear patpatbb,

  • You can take a look at your before and after picture to compare and see if there is filler left
  • Usually, Radiesse lasts about 1-2 years, so there can still be some of the product there
  • Have you lost weight recently? This could make the filler stick out more
  • I would go to another consultation to see what your options would be

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