Is Filler the Best Option for This Line Under my Right Eye? (photo)

Hello, I have a sunken looking line under my right eye which I would love to get rid of! I have tried filler once and it helped slightly but not enough. The line was still noticable. I am not looking to get rid of the darkness or bags - just remove the light/shadow on the right cheekbone. Does anyone have any suggestions? The left side is fine - just right side. Is there something else I could try other than filler or is this my best option? Thank you!

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Fillers and the alteration of light and shadow

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You are right to be thinking in terms of light and shadow. Often what would "seem" to be the most obvious solution is not always the best.

The fat compartments in the face all have bearing on one another and sometimes the loss of volume in one seemingly unrelated area causes a problem in another area. This is often the case with "lines".

Filler would be the choice - but which filler and where it's placed is the key to getting the best results. Your chosen physician can determine this for you with an in-office consultation.

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This type of crease is very common and is usually seen on the side of the face you sleep on.  Filler is absolutely the best treatment.  The variables are the type of filler used, the placement of the filler and the amount of filler injected.  If you had a partial response with your last treatment, I would expect that you should do well with either slightly different placement or higher volume.  Good luck.

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