Why Do Some Filler Results Look So Unnatural? (photo)

Was there a technique used or an area where she was injected that made here look so...unnatural and - sorry to say but - weird? What questions can I ask doctors during consultations to avoid this? Thanks!

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Unnatural filler results can be either doctor or patient-driven

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We've all seen celebrities and people on the street who appear to have "too much" filler. This can be from patient preference or an over-zealous physician.

A safe plan for you - if you are contemplating having facial fillers - is to view your chosen doctor's before and after photos; take in photos that you want to look "like"; and/or bring in photos of yourself when you were younger.

If fillers frighten you, know that the hyaluronic acid gels (Restylane, Juvederm and the new Belotero) can be dissolved, so they may be a good first choice for you. Also, your doctor can take a stepped approach and do smaller amounts of filler so you can safely gauge the results you are after.

Pick a doctor with experience using the product that interests you. Certain filler such as Sculptra, Artefill and Radiesse require more training, so don't be afraid to ask your doctor what level of training he/she has.

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