Is There a Filler Which Promotes Cells to Grow Back?

Whether it's a temporary, semi-permanent or permanent. Filler which encourage my own cells to grow back for small shallow indentation defect under my skin from loss of mucosa (inner cheek), fat and little bit of cheek muscle due to accident on my cheek..

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All fillers induce spontaneous fibroblast healing

Yes, indeed. All fillers, not just the ones considered 'biostimulatory' will induce increased fibroblast activity with new collagen formation. Hence subscission without fillers also works, and the price is right!

Newport Beach Dermatologist
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Fillers that cause cell growth or tissue regeneration

You are speaking about regenerative medicines or growth factors and stem cell technology which is in its infancy. We do not have a readily available and predictable filler which can accomplish this at this time. Some fillers generally generate a collagen producing reaction as their mechanism of action. 

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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