Filler Injections - Is Swelling and Bruising Here to Stay?

Four days ago, I had filler for under eye hollows, the doctor hit a blood vessel, my eye swollen and bruised. He put my on antibiotics, The bruising has gotten about 80 percent better, And the swelling has improved , however the entire area where I had the injection is still swollen and bruised and red below the injection site. I am starting to worry where most of the swelling and bruising has left that the swelling that is there now will stay. Am I worrying too soon.?

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Lower eyelid swelling may last up to two weeks after an Injectable Filler treatment.

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You shouldn't be too concerned about bruising and swelling that's persistent 4 days after a "shiner". This should completely resolve over the next 10 days. If your condition is worsening, then you should bring these concerns to your physician.

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Temporary only

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I’m sorry to hear about this. Generally speaking, there should be very little bruising and swelling after an injection when it’s performed correctly. Any bruising and swelling that does appear should resolve itself in the couple of weeks after your treatment. It should gradually get better then disappear.

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