FIller Injection After a Rhinoplasty Surgery

I saw some video that for filler it need to be injected deeply. I had rhinoplasty and I'm totally unhappy with it, but my dad doesn't want to pay for my second rhinoplasty after he thought that i'm too young for plastic surgery. and I don't think I want to remove my silicone for the moment, I still don't have the guts for it. So I consider this filler injection. is that still possible? my parents allowed me on this, if its still possible.

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Fillers after Rhinoplasty Surgery

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Fillers can be used after rhinoplasty, but I do not know if this is appropriate for you. Where is the silicone? What was done during the original surgery? What don't you like about your nose? I strongly advise you to have a face to face consultation with an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon to discuss your alternatives.

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Filler injection instead of revision rhinoplasty

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Is it best not to have any fillers placed in the nose, especially in light of the fact that you have a silicone implant. There have been disastrous complications of injectable fillers placed in the nose with sloughing and necrosis of the nasal bridge, tip, and sidewalls. Reconsider performing a reconstructive rhinoplasty.

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Tissue filler after surgery

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Tissue filler is a great way to fix the small imperfections that can arise after rhinoplasty. For many years surgeons had only liquid silicone. Very few if any are still using it because of the scare over leaking breast implants. The new non-permanent tissue fillers like Juvederm have replaced silicone. The major complaint by patients is that its temporary. But the beauty of the patient being able to see and monitor the outcome, coupled with the fine degree of control are clear advantages.

FIller injection after a rhinoplasty

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Again photos always help. But to answer the question directly - YES filler can help, but you need an expert injector. Please be careful.

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Too many questions need to be answered

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You are asking about a secondary rhinoplasty without letting us know about your first.  You had a piece of silicone placed in the nose to correct something and now you want it removed and replaced by a temporary filler.  I would want to see pre-op and post op photos to see what you are trying to achieve with this secondary procedure.  Your dad says you are too young, I am also curious at what age you had the first rhinoplasty and how long ago it was.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty procedures with Injectable Fillers may be performed after Rhinoplasty Surgery.

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I couldn't advise you whether you would benefit from an Injectable Filler procedure without seeing your photos. Are you trying to gain additional height to your bridge? What is it about your appearance that you're unhappy with?

If you have a silicone implant in your nose, Injectable Filler treatments must be performed carefully to avoid introducing infection. I hope this is helpful for you.

Eric M. Joseph, MD
West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon
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