Filler in nose before nose job, should I be worried? (photo)

About 2-3 months ago I had the doc put filler in my nose to straighten it. Loved it! Now I finally decided to take the leap and I'm getting my nose done in four days. The filler is mostly in my tip and above the hump to make it look more symmetrical. My doc says it will be fine but I'm worried with the filler in there it'll be harder for him to see how messed up it was before the filler cause it looks so much straighter now. (He does have before pics before the filler was put in)

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Rhinoplasty surgery

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I'm sure it will be fine being nervous prior to a rhinoplasty surgery is normal, just make sure your rhinoplasty surgeon is one who has performed many rhinoplasty procedures and you will be fine.

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