Best Filler for Extremely Active People?

I am a 40 year male who is extremly active due to a lot of aerobic activity and very lean. I have had facial fillers in the past in naso labila and cheeks but I seem to burn them up quite quickly. I really dont get the average duation that others get . Is there one that would be better for my body and lifstyle type? Thanks

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Filler for active person

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It is hard to know what filler might be best for you.  Reviewing what you have had in the past would be necessary and then if you are truly "burning them up" it would be best to select something else.  One option for individuals like yourself we have had success with it Sculptra.  It does require 3-4 injections sessions, but  because your body is building its own collagen around the filler the results tend to last for several years. 

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