Can I Get Filler Done for my Flat Cheek and Tear Trough?

I like to avoid a cheek lift as advised by the occupist.

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Today's fillers are great for this problem

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Fillers can be a great option for rejuvenation of both the cheeks and the eye area. Flattened cheeks are an increasingly recognized sign of both aging as well as just recognized sign of facial disproportion. Fillers are increasingly used to give more fullness in the cheeks as well as to improve the cheekbone. In addition, aging in the eyelid area is made worse by a deepened tear trough. Fillers can be a nice option to correct this, although choosing an injector is critical. This is one of the more difficult areas to correct in a natural fashion. The skin is thinner, irregularities are more visible and a natural result is more difficult. With today‚Äôs fillers, there has never been more options to treat both the cheeks and the tear trough/eyelid region. 

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Filler injection vs. cheek implants

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Your photo shows retruded cheek bones. The bones are so far back that there is lack of support for the lower eyelids and they fall downward so you can see the whites of your eyes under the iris on forward gaze (scleral show). I doubt injectable filler is the way to go in your case because of the amount you would need. The bones are retruded so much that you need either cheek implants or more aggressive upper jaw forward advancement surgery. I also do not think a cheek lift alone will be able to cover the cheek bones with enough tissue to make them look advanced forward .

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