Will Fillers Help Festoons Under the Eyes?

I am only 20 years old yet I have the same festoons under my eyes; just like dad and my grandfather. I have heavy sagging under my eyes, and a crease that starts at the tear ducts and creases all the way down into the cheek bone.It creates a sagging effect. Would adding fillers under the eye area help my permanent festoons?

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You may veyr well have festoons which is loose hanging skin and muscle, but it probably is more likely a tear trough deformity that could use fillers to correct the problem. Without photos and an exam I couldn't be sure.

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Treatment of tear troughs

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Your post is not easy to answer without a photo or physical exam. What you describe is called a tear trough deformity or deep nasojugal groove. Festoons refer to redundant folds of hanging eyelid skin that contains excess loose lower eyelid muscle within the overlapping folds of skin. It is usually seen in older individuals rather than 20 year olds. Fillers have been used to treat tear troughs.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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