Filler in the Lower Eyelid Area to Treat Hollows Left After Blepharoplasty?

I'm 28 and had a lower blepharoplasty about 6 years ago to remove hereditary fat bags under my eyes. Now the area has become very hollow right up to the lash line, the whole eyeball is sunken into the socket and makes me look older and tired, sometimes even ill. So what options other than surgically replacing fat into the orbital pocket are there? Can fillers such as juvederm or restylane be injected high on the orbital rim to fill out the sunken appearance, or what about some kind of implant or spacer graft? Thanks in advance.

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Hollows under eyes after surgery, repair with Fillers

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Excessive removal of fat from the lower and upper eyelids can lead to a hollowed out look later down the road.  I have used Restylane quite effectively to fill and recontour the lid into a better harmony with the cheek below, essentially filling the "eyelid flat tire" up again.  Fat can also be used here but is a more involved procedure as it has to be harvested from another bodysite, and is unpredictable in both result and longevity.  The hyaluronic acid fillers work very nicely in this application and can be injected in the office under some topical anesthesia in 20 minutes. 

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