Filler Disaster and I Have Already Undergone 4 Attempts at Hyaluronidase-Do I Need Surgery? (photo)

I had restylane put in to correct under eye hollowing but it seemed to dissappear too quickly so, I started using Juverderm. Mistake! I now have so much fillers in my checks and now lips that I look like I was in a fight. Everyone immediately laughs at me and my work and child are suffering. Please Help Me!!... I am a single mom sinking deeper into depression.

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Restylane and Juvederm

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Make sure you have had a hyaluronic acid filler.  If the hyaluronidase is not fresh, it will not work.  It should sting when injected.  Avoid surgery.

Toronto Dermatologist

Too much filler?

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Do not panic as you should have had a filler that will go away on its own. A HA filler should have  dissolved if hyaluronidase was used. You might want to get someone else to try it as it is possible that the injector was nervous about  injecting too much. I might have been very conservative with this as well as it is not something we do to this extent on a normal basis. Do not have surgery as that would be looking for trouble. 

Jo Herzog, MD
Birmingham Dermatologist
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Filler disaster - what to do

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I would not recommend surgery under any conditions. Both Juvederm and Restylane are dermal fillers with lifespans of about 12 months. Undergoing unnecessary surgery can cause you a lifetime of other issues. I don't recommend Juvederm under the eyes because of the Tyndall effect, but you don't have that. You are just overfilled. I don't understand how you've had 4 rounds of hyaluronidase without any changes... Juvederm and Restylane absolutely are affected by hyaluronidase, so I don't know what's going on there. I would suggest you find an experienced board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon in your area and try another round of hyaluronidase. Though it can take a few sessions to fully remove the unwanted filler, you should be seeing results at this point. But, no surgery - it's unnecessary and time will make all of this go away no matter what.

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Filler Disaster and I Have Already Undergone 4 Attempts at Hyaluronidase-Do I Need Surgery? (photo)

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I agree with F. Victor Rueckl, MD, you might not have had a HA filler. Are you sure it was a HA filler??? Time will tell, if by 12 months things have not subsided than seek in person evaluations. 

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