Best Filler for Lip and Chin Areas?

I've had Botox injected in my forehead and brow area and it did not work. I am interested in having fillers for my upper lip and chin areas, but I'm now a little leary. Which product is best for those areas?

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Botox vs Filler

First, I want to explain the difference between Botox and fillers.

Botox acts to weaken specific muscles that, when contracted, cause wrinkles. It works very well to soften appearance but cannot eradicate lines that are etched into skin from years of animating. Fillers do, as the name implies, add volume to plump up depressions.

It is not uncommon, and is actually very common, to use both Botox and fillers together. We get consistently excellent results with both Botox and fillers as we are careful to diagnose the concerns of the patient, explain exactly why we recommend what we do, and give an honest description of what the patient can expect.

We do a lot of Botox and, since we offer liquid facelifts, tend to use lots of Restylane and Perlane as fillers of choice. These fillers can be used in the lip and chin regions.

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