BBL w/ Donor Fat

Can I Fill my Butt with Others Fat ?coz Im Skinny Dont Have Fat in my Body I Dont Wanna Have Surgery.thanks

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Brazilian Butt Lift with Other Peoples' Fat

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RE: "Can I Fill my Butt with Others Fat ?coz Im Skinny Dont Have Fat in my Body I Dont Wanna Have Surgery.thanks"

We get asked this question ALL the time.

No - you can't. Our body's immune system will attack and destroy any cells and organs that do not come from our own body. When we transplant kidneys, livers, hearts etc, the immune code of donor is matched to be as close as possible to the recipient and the recipient is treated for the rest of their life with immune reducing medication which allows the organ to live BUT increases the person's risk of developing serious infection and cancer.

Since a larger booty is not exactly a life saving need, no one would justify the cost and risk of putting you on life long immunosuppression for that purpose.

Lastly, you mentioned you did not want surgery. EVEN if we could get fat from a closely matched donor (? family member) and even if someone was dumb enough to put you on life long immunosuppressive medications, HOW could the donor fat be placed in your buttocks without surgery? The act of transferring fat to the buttocks involves many passes of steel tubes with deposition of thin columns through all layers of the buttocks. That IS a surgical procedure.

Dr. Peter A. Aldea

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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