Do You Think That Filing Down the Slight Bump on my Nose and a Nasal Tip Suture Would Be Right for me?

I don't like how my nose profile has a little bump on it, and the nasal tip is wide and rounded. I put a picture of my frontal face into a platic surgery imaging program, and I would really like for my nose to look like how I narrowed it to look. How do you think I could best achieve this look?

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Tip sutures, Filing, Osteotomies

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Patients today are much better read and knowledgable than in the past.   The information that they have is great. That they peruse the literature and ask about tip sutures, filing of the nasal dorsum and what kind of osteotomies I perform originally took me by surprise.  I used to think "who are you?  are you a plastic surgeon?"   Nowadays, the inquiring person is well read and would like to know the intracices of the work.  After all, patients routinely go to YOU TUBE and watch the procedures that they want.  They go to chat rooms and discuss such things as well.  

The best answer I have found is to try and answer the patietnts questions as best as I can, but ultimately, I must confess that I need to explain that this Rhinoplasty surgery is like no other surgery we perform.   On needs an artful eye and artiistic flair to perform Rhinoplasty.   In operating room experience is the best tool and an invaluable learning place.   IF no other surgery, there is a practice of Rhinoplasty!   Sometimes filing works, other times a scalpel blade does a better job.   Suturing the tip may be better than relaxing incisions.   Lots can happein in a small place.   The important decision on the part of the patient is in choosing their surgeon.   The best surgeon is one that has experience, demonstrated his competency by showing their before and after photographs of various nose types and has had appropriate training and credentialing by established agencies like the American Board of Plastic Surgery for example.

The more educated the patient is, the better the conversation with the Surgeon.  The easier the decision is for the patient.  

Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Do You Think That Filing Down the Slight Bump on my Nose and a Nasal Tip Suture Would Be Right for me?

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Yes.  We use computer imaging for discussion only; don't worry too much about surgical technique; trust your surgeon and be confident that he/she will achieve a good result for you.

Ramtin Kassir, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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How to narrow the nose

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You would need a full rhinoplasty, including breaking the bones, and removing some tip cartilage.  The procedures you describe would be inadequate to approach the results of the images you displayed.  Of course, a full consultation with a thorough exam would be required for a full diagnosis and plan.  Good luck

Michael Orseck, MD
Greenville Plastic Surgeon
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Filing Nasal Hump and Placement of Tip Suture

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Your nasal hump can be eliminated by filing the nasal bones, osteotomies would be necessary to narrow those bones as you have drawn. I usually use sutures to narrow and contour the tip, but it may be necessary to remove a small portion of the tip cartilages to achieve the tip definition you want. All of this will all be determined at the time of consultation.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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How to narrow my nose and remove the bump

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From your pictures, the bump can be removed and the nasal bones broken in order to move them closer to the midline (osteotomy) during the Rhinoplasty..IMHO, the nasl tip shaould be thinned as well.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Do You Think That Filing Down the Slight Bump on my Nose and a Nasal Tip Suture Would Be Right for me?

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You need a full rhinoplasty not a partial one to achieve the image you have posted. remember very hard to achieve image manufactured results exactly. 

Rhinoplasty Procedure

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For an accurate assessment, you would need to be seen in person.  However, based on your photographs, you look like you would benefit from a dorsal hump reduction and refinement of your nasal tip.


Good Luck.

Bump and tip suture

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Having done some imaging on yourself it helps you decide what you would like to see your new nose look like. How to make it that way is what you need to learn during your consultation. Tip suturing techniques are a good way to change tip shape in a non destructive way (if the surgeon places the sutures and doesn't like the new shape he just takes them out and starts again. if you cut or remove the cartilage and don't like it it's much harder to start over again) Lowering a bump and narrowing the bridge are also common steps in rhinoplasty. During your consult you should learn if those are the steps that your surgeon thinks will get you the result you want. They may be the ones he/she may feel will work or if other different techniques are better suited for you. The point always being not to fit yourself to the techniques, but make the steps fit the result you want.

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
West Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Bump and tip work for nose

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FurElise- a bump also called a dorsal hump frequently improves by bringing it down.  Tip sutures are also a possible method to refine the nasal tip.  Often the cartilage of the tip needs to be reduced with tip sutures to make the best possible shape.  There is frequently more than one way to achieve a patient's goals and a good way to start is to see one or more qualified board certified surgeons.  Numerous factors and importantly a physical exam in the office play a big role in deciding how to proceed.  Good luck.

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