File from Root Canal Now in Sinus Cavity from the Endodontist. What Problems Will This Cause ?

File from Root Canal Now in Sinus Cavity from the Endodontist  What Problems Will This Cause ?

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Foreign Body In Sinus

If the file is actually laying in the sinus it must be removed.  This is an infected foreign body and if left alone will most likely cause significant sinus issues.  If, however just the tip of the file is sticking through the tip of the root, it may not cause any problems as long as the root canal was able to be sealed.  If not, then an apicoecotmy may be able to be performed.  Without a film it is difficult to assess your situation.  Speak to a Board Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

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Root Canal File in Sinus

Discuss this issue with your dentist and Oral Surgeon. It does happen, occassionally, and usually does not present a problem. However, sometimes, it does have to be removed. See what they say.

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