Is It Possible to File Down a Bump (Due from Trauma) on Your Head?

Hi i took a very bad hit to the head a year ago and it left a big bump their, its (under the scalp) i was told it could be filed down by a friend, but i was wondering if i could have damage to my hair or hair loss, not from the actual cut of the surgery (since its close to my skin) but on the area where it would be filed down under the scalp? What are the risks? Will my hair grow back again? Is this a realistsic problem?

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Is It Possible to File Down a Bump (Due from Trauma) on Your Head?

The correct way to proceed requires determining exactly what the bump is. This should be relatively obvious to your plastic surgeon if you seek a consultation. If the bump is an osteoma (bone) it can be filed down or chipped off with an osteotome. If it is soft tissue (lipoma or other nodule) if will need to be removed from beneath the surface of the skin. In either case, scarring and hair loss are typically minimal. I hope this information is helpful.

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