I'm Trying to Figure out How What my Best Option is for Lateral Displacement? (photo)

Hey, I previously asked about over or unders for 800cc implants. I have 500cc mod+ now and had 650cc hp the first time. I had a capsular contracture and they were removed and replaced with the 500cc. Since my last surgery my scar tissue has come loose and my implants almost float in the pocket it seems like. I have lots of drooping now so was wanting a full lift this go around. I am wanting lots of fullness on the sides and top. Should I get the internal bra as well for desired results? Thanks!

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Lateral displacement of implants

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I have found that lateral displacement of implants usually requires a tightening of the breast pocket. This can sometimes be done with sutures if the breast tissue is not to thinned out and the implant is not too large. More often I have found that a dermal matrix such as Strattice or Surgimend is necessary to create the internal bra and hold the implant in place.

Breast lift?

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You may very well need a breast lift.  You would have to be seen in person to determine what would best suit you.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Doing an internal bra (capsulorraphy) is your only hope.  The tissues need to be tightened to reduce

the size of the pocket.  This can be done with sutures, or to be more sure that the repair won't

give way in the future, you surgeon can also use Strattice, a biological material from pigs that

is very strong.  The other problem is sagging.  For best results, I recommend a lift (mastopexy)


E. Anthony Musarra II, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Best Options for Lateral Displacement of Breast Implants?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

In person examination will be necessary to provide you with precise advice. However, based on your pictures and goals,  I think you will be best served with “internal bra" surgery (capsulorraphy) to  help support the breast implants inferiorly and laterally.

I would suggest that you meet with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons to discuss your goals in person.  Make sure he/she can demonstrate significant experience helping patients in your situation.

Best wishes.

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