Will Fibrous Tissue Affect Future Plastic Surgeries?

I had breast augmentation done this past Monday. At my follow-up visit my surgeon said that I had made him tired because I had a lot of fibrous breast tissue he had to deal with which explained why I am in a lot pain. I asked him if this fibrous tissue will contribute to a capsular contracture he didn't think it would. I would like to have a lower body makeover but I wonder now does fibrous tissue runs though my whole body and it would be riskier for me to have any future surgeries.

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Your Plastic Surgeon needs to eat his Wheaties ...

If your Plastic surgeon is exhausted by performing a breast augmentation he needs to eat his Wheaties and go to the gym more often. A Breast Augmentation is NOT a physically demanding operation and many of us do several of them a day well without emotional or physical exhaustion. All young women have "fibrous" tissue in their breasts and that should NOT be a source of frustration to a Plastic surgeon. Nor is it a disease that would preclude you from having a lower body lift in the future. Next time you visit your surgeon take him a care package of Wheaties and Geritol. Best of Luck. Dr. Peter A Aldea

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Fibrocystic breasts will NOT adversely affect wish for lower body lift in the future!

I'm inclined to agree with Dr. Aldea; my partner and I have done as many as 7 breast augmentations in a day, and although that's a good day's work, neither of us is exhausted or "tired" by fibrous breast tissue (and I'm 10 years older than my partner)! Perhaps it was just an offhand comment meant to let you know how "hard" your surgeon worked on your behalf, and you are reading too much into his casual comment. Perhaps he is indeed slightly worried that a bit more bleeding and bruising may make you a somewhat higher potential risk for capsular contracture. Did he use a periareolar incision and go through the breast?

As far as lower body lift surgery in the future, you almost certainly have no more fibrous tissue than any other patient, and most definitely have no higher risk because of this! In fact, a layer of fibrous tissue would actually help the sutures secure the skin and fat layers together better than someone who has just fluffy soft fat and thin skin!

So consider it a plus and don't give your surgeon's comment another thought!

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
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Breast augmentation and fibrous tissue

Primary breast augmentation is usually a straighforward procedure that hse not cause undue stress on the surgeon?

Steven Wallach, MD
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Fibrocystic Tissue Only in Your Breasts

Fibrocystic Breast Tissue is a common condition in women and can make a Sub-Glandular Breast Augmentation  a more time consuming, but not necessarily a more tiring surgical procedure. Fibrocystic Tissue is limited to glandular tissue such as the breast and does not affect the subcutaneous (fatty tissue) tissue which makes up the extra skin/fat following weight loss.

Based upon the information in your question, if you are a good candidate for a Breast Augmentation ( BMI < 30, Non-Smoker, Non-Diabetic, Normal Blood Pressure, etc.) then you are likely a good candidate for a variety of Body Contouring Surgery Following Weight Loss. Your surgeon was likely joking with you and she/he did not intend to worry you about your ability to have additional Body Contouring Surgery.

Good luck with your transformation!

Christopher D. Prevel, MD (retired)
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