Breast Implants, Fibroadenomas and Athletic Build

I have had large fibroadenomas removed with surrounding tissue because they were considered suspicious by the surgeon even after the biopsy and a few small ones remain. My breast are also situated low (in my opinion at least) and the north pole of the breast have little tissue. I would like to be larger as well, I like the benefits of under the muscle implants but I weight lift (not professionally) and rely on strength including chest muscles to do my job and I don't want to imped either.

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Above or below the muscle breast implants

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Whether or not to place your implants above or below the muscle can be one of the most important , and difficult decisions that you and your plastic surgeon have to make.  I strongly feel that there are situations that dictate each of these approaches and I place implants above and below the muscle, depending on the circumstances.  There are many factors that play into this decision, some of which are:
1) How much breast and soft tissue do you have?  If you have sufficient tissue to cover the implant, a subglandular, or "above the muscle" implant can give a natural result without disruption of the important pectoralis muscle. 

2) How much do you use the muscle - if you are a bodybuilder, or use your pectorals muscles frequently in your job you are at higher risk for complications under the muscle - some of these include animation deformities, high riding and lateral implants, complete dehiscence of the muscle resulting from over-aggressive release of the muscle and if combined with an over aggressive pocket dissection, resulting in a low and laterally displaced implant.

3) Mammograms, other imaging studies and possible need for biopsies in the future,  Some surgeons feel and radiologists feel that it is easier to follow a women with subpectoral than subglandular implants.  I feel this should weigh less in your decision than the past due to advances in both imaging studies and biopsy techniques.

Given your situation , and weighing all of these factors, your best choice looks to be under the muscle because of the lack of tissue in the upper part of your breasts.  Hope this helps,  Dr. Hankins

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